Young Burglars Ransack Heritage Academy for Electronics

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Some very patient teens managed to break into a Southern Atlanta school and hide, undetected while a maintenance crew finished cleaning. Once the crew left, the juveniles had the opportunity to clean the school a second time. This time they cleaned it out of pricey electronic merchandise.  

Police claimed the break in happened Friday night and the thieves had hours to pick through and shop for electronics at Heritage Academy. They took televisions, computers and more. The haul an estimated $30,000.

When the first staffer arrived to get the school week underway Monday morning she immediately knew something was wrong. The shelves had been turned over, cables ripped from the walls. 

Officers looking at surveillance footage could pinpoint the start time of this crime. And while the the teens had their faces partially covered, one officer recognized one of the suspects. Atlanta Police Department has already posted a lookout for him.

What happen to the security beyond the network of cameras. Why didn't an alarm go off. School administrators are not shedding any light on these questions, saying they are part of the ongoing police investigation.