You can stream free kid-friendly Halloween shows and movies on Tubi

Looking to get into the Halloween spirit? Tubi will be offering family-friendly movies and shows for free to celebrate spooky season.

Here are some of the movies and TV shows available on the streaming platform:

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (Garfield and Friends season 1 episode 12): “Garfield's alter ego searches for missing Pooky; Jon decides he should grow his own food.”

Monster Family: “At a Halloween costume party, Emma Wishbone and her family fall under the curse of an evil witch who transforms them into real-life monsters.”

Monster Family screenshot

Monster High: “Join Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, and all their ghoulfriends as they travel all over the world to solve mysteries and help monsters in need!”

A Monster in Paris: “Experiments gone wrong and a chemical explosion results in a monster unleashed in Paris, but he might not be as dangerous as everyone thought.”

Mummy, I’m a Zombie: “In the sequel to "Daddy, I'm a Zombie," the fate of the world falls into the hands of a popular high school girl as she runs for student council."

Tales from the Cryptkeeper (Seasons 1-3): “The cartoon Cryptkeeper opens his vault of tales for your television screams. Each new "car-tomb" provides punny thrills, chills, and lessons when you watch!"

The Little Ghost: “Three kids take a young ghost on the adventure of his after-life to help him see his first sunrise ever!”

Wild Witch: “The simple scratch from a black cat unleashes the power of 12-year-old Clara, who becomes a wild witch destined to rid the world of an ancient evil.”

Wolf Blood (Seasons 1-5): “Being a teen is hard but being a Wolfblood is even more complicated as Maddy and the others try to keep their shape-shifting secret from the world.”

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