Working out together: Is it a good idea?

Jen and Chris Wherrell know a little bit about fitness. 

“We’ve known each other for 30 years, and we’ve probably been working out together for 15 years," claimed Jen.
They love exercise so much, they opened a personal training business together, called My House Fitness. 

“We wanted to work together and we wanted to do something that could help people,” said Jen excitedly.
With four locations in Central Florida and more set to open in other states, the pair obviously love hitting the gym.  But working out together?  Not so easy.  

“We were both trainers, and tried to train each other.”  explained Jen. 

“We found out we were not a good fit for training each other because we’re two super-competitive individuals," added Chris.

That kind of friction between partners is not uncommon explained Psychologist Dr. Stacey Dunn. She claimed there are definitely some pitfalls. She said she often hears from couples with workout problems. 

“Some couples are very competitive with each other. And this can be another opportunity to be critical (of one another)," explained the doctor.
That is especially true if the two of you are at different fitness levels, or you train at different paces," she said. "This becomes another breakdown in communication. This becomes another source of conflict instead of another form of glue to hold you together.”
So what can you do if you want to train together?  It all starts with communication and compromise said Dunn. 

“It’s okay to say, ‘I really enjoy walking. But I like to walk fast.  And when you are behind me, I just feel like I’m not getting that great a workout.”
Not all couples make good workout partners explained the doctor. The Wherrells agree.

“It’s better to each have (your own) trainer," said Jen. "You each come to the gym with your own workout.  And you to go the gym at the same time.”
And be positive with your partner said Dunn. “You really should only take on the role of cheerleader, not critic. “If you can stay positive and compromise, working out together just might work out."

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