Woodstock making improvements to crosswalks after 2 women, infant killed

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The city of Woodstock is taking action after two women and an infant were killed crossing the street.

Kaitlin Hunt and her three-month-old daughter Riley left Florida to escape Irma. After a night out with family in Woodstock on September 9, they crossed the street near the Northside Hospital Cherokee Amphitheatre on Arnold Mill and Hubbard roads. A car hit Hunt, her daughter, and a family friend; they all died.

“I am just so sad that it took the lives of three people who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time to bring all of this up,” said Woodstock resident Dennis Conway.

At Monday’s city council meeting in Woodstock, the city manager presented plans to upgrade and add crosswalks, add lighting, and sidewalks in downtown Woodstock. City Manager Jeffrey Moon said those plans include a red light and crosswalk at Arnold Mill and Hubbard roads.

"What we are doing is installing a red light there, having a traffic controlled device there in addition to the crosswalk,” said Woodstock City Manager Jeffrey Moon. “That is what we recommended tonight and that is what council agreed to.”

The city manager also presented plans for other areas of downtown that would include signalized crosswalks.

Woodstock resident Scott Bagwill presented the city council with a petition that requests improvements throughout downtown. The petition has received thousands of signatures.

“Living in Downtown Woodstock, I walk everywhere,” said resident Scott Bagwill. “Whether it's riding my bike, walking, concerts, food, dinner, shows, whatever, it needs to be safer.”

Mayor Donnie Henriques said he wants these plans executed as quickly as possible. Moon said some of the projects would be complete in a few weeks. The projects throughout Downtown Woodstock would cost about $350,000.

Hunt’s family was present at Monday’s city council meeting, but did not wish to comment.