Woodstock Dentist charged after Uber driver says he was threatened

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A Woodstock dentist is charged with simple assault after an Uber driver said he was threatened. Dr. Damon Bond turned himself over to police Monday. 

The driver, Nathan Harrison, said it was the most frightening fare he's ever had. Harrison said it started off as a normal night. He had picked three people up from a bar in downtown Woodstock Friday night.  He dropped the first couple off, then drove to his last stop. He said when he pulled into Damon Bond's driveway, the passenger demanded the video from his dash-cam and threatened him. 

In the video, you hear Bond: "All you have to do is turn over your video footage."

The driver seems confused and asked if he should just delete it, but that wasn't good enough.  

In the video, Bond could be heard responding, "No, you can hand it over to me or we're about to have a big [expletive] problem."

According to a police report, Bond continued to drill the driver about the video and eventually said he'd give the driver $50 for the camera. Bond then got out of the car and as he was walking into his house he told the driver don't try anything because he had a Glock. 

The driver said once Bond was out of sight, he took off and called the police.

Bond was booked into the Cherokee County Jail Monday. He posted bond and was released. His office, Woodstock Dental Care, had a note on the front door stating the office was closed for the day due to mechanical repairs.