Women Say They Were Injured When Georgia Dome Escalator Malfunctioned

Tamu Jackson and her friend Brigette Barnes had a ball at the Falcons versus Redskins game Sunday. But the loyal season ticket holder says the joy of that overtime victory ended in pain on an escalator at the upper D gate.

“We had a great game, 5 and 0, in overtime, you can't beat that. But that's not the only thing I'm going to remember about that day because it just jerked suddenly, going full speed and threw all the riders on top of each other," Jackson told FOX 5's Portia Bruner Monday.

Jackson said she and Barnes were taken by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center where both treated for scrapes, bruises, and muscle pain. Both were prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers.

Jackson said several other fans were taken out of the Georgia Dome in wheelchairs and on stretchers before they were transported to local hospital.

FOX 5 News tried several times to reach Georgia Dome officials for comment, but we were told those officials were out of the office because of the Columbus Day holiday. Monday afternoon, technicians were seen working on the escalator close to the entrance of Upper Gate D.

Jackson said she hopes to hear from Georgia Dome officials as well.