Women pulled over for swerving while eating chicken wings, busted for drugs

A woman who was pulled over for failing to maintain her lane because she was trying to eat her chickens wings, ended up being hit with drug charges, according to the Coweta County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies spotted 30- year-old Desanika Shante Russell almost splitting two lanes on I-85 South near Poplar Road. When Russell was stopped she explained her driving was a result of her trying to eat some chicken wings. 

Deputies used a K-9 on the car after Russell declined to consent to a vehicle. The dog indicted almost immediately towards the trunk area of the car, where authorities then found a card board box in with 10 bags of suspected methamphetamine and a trash bag with marijuana packages.

Russell faces charges for trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking marijuana, and failure to maintain their lane.  

Russell was taken to the Coweta County Jail.