Women fends off slider in Atlanta

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An Atlanta motorist says she was more angry than frightened when she saw a would-be thief take over the wheel of her husband's truck.

The crime that's become popular with lawbreakers is called sliders.

Nadine Mines admits she left the driver side door open as she pumped gas. It was just before lunchtime and the service station in Buckhead was crowded.

She did not figure anything would happen.

The thief hopped out of another vehicle and slid into the truck.

Mines put her hand up to block the door from closing.

She screamed for help. She says several people looked at her but did not move to help.

One man did and the slider did not want to deal with the good Samaritan so he ran to the backup vehicle.

Mines was left with a bruised right hand. She says she would have acted differently if they would be thief had presented a weapon.

Buckhead residents and employees say her case is one of dozens that have occurred over the past two months.