Woman visiting Atlanta ends up carjacked at gunpoint

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A woman vacationing in Atlanta ends up being carjacked at gunpoint. The victim said the crime happened after some sightseeing and she was so shaken up she had trouble breathing when police arrived.

A day of fun ends in crisis for a New York woman in Atlanta. She said last Wednesday night, she had dinner with a relative on Edgewood Avenue, headed over to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for pictures, and then ended on the 500 block of Woodward Avenue.

According to the police incident report, that's where she told officers two men, one with a pistol, ambushed her when she opened her door. The report states they forced her out and drove off in her white 2017 Nissan Murano.

The victim spoke with FOX 5 News over the phone, but didn't want us to share her name. She said she's asthmatic and the encounter with the thieves left her with shortness of breath.

"I got very scared because I was thinking about moving to Atlanta. I have family there. But I don't know," the woman told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell.

Police said they checked for cameras near the crime scene and didn't find any video.

It's unclear if the pair followed the woman.