Woman arrested after jumping counter, fighting employee over fast-food order

A 35-year-old woman got served something she didn’t want for dinner, first by restaurant employees, and then again by jail employees, police said.

Rain Heart was charged with disorderly conduct and battery on Wednesday evening.

"This is McRidiculous!" the Dunwoody Police Department commented on her arrest in a Facebook post that evening.

Police said Heart walked into the McDonald's on Perimeter Center West around 8 p.m. and placed an order. Investigators did not specify, but said at some point she became upset over her food order.

This escalated to Heart jumping the counter, pulling an employee’s hair, and throwing items, police said.

Rain Heart

Rain Heart  (DeKalb County Sheriff's Office)

"It’s crazy. This has never happened to me before," the worker said.

The woman injured didn’t want to be identified but said she pressed record moments before she was attacked.

"I was in the kitchen. All I hear is yelling throwing stuff to see what was going on. I grabbed my phone and started recording what was going on," the employee said.

According to the police report, the suspect told police she was homeless. She also claimed managers told her she could not wash her clothes in the restroom sink.

Video of the incident was not available.

Police were called to the fast-food restaurant and officers took Heart into custody.

"She was then transported to [the] DeKalb County Jail where her evening meal will be much different than the quarter pounder with cheese she ordered," police wrote on their post.

Heart remained in the DeKalb County jail as of Thursday afternoon.