Woman turns cancelled wedding into lunch for needy families

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A woman whose wedding was called off decided to invite dozens of people in need to enjoy the reception anyway. 

The now-former bride-to-be is Yuri Sun. Her wedding in New York City ended up being called off, but since she couldn't get back the deposit for the reception, she decided to host a luncheon for less-fortunate kids and families. 

"If some other people can feel happier or some fun adding to their Mother's Day weekend that would be great," said Sun.

The Salvation Army helped Sun put together the event and bring in the special guests. 

"I think it's a very selfless act, and it's something that I greatly appreciate and I'm sure everybody who's going to be there appreciates it," said one attendee. 

Some of the actual wedding guests also helped with the luncheon. 

"Sometimes an open door can change someone's vision or future," Sun said.