Woman Shot Four Times Named Teacher of The Year

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Kimya Motley has taught students at Rosebud Elementary School in Gwinnett County for three years. Last month, she was named Teacher of the year by her school.

"When she called my name, I couldn’t believe it," said Kimya Motley. "She said ‘Ms. Motley come on down.’ My feet would not move; I was in shock.”

Motley almost did not make it to live that memorable moment. In 2011 she was shot four times and her then 10-year-old daughter was also shot by Motley's estranged husband.

"When I emerged from the car he was standing right next to me and he said ‘I told you I was going to kill you [explicit] didn't I?’ And he shot me in the face," said Motley.

Since the shooting, Motley started Haven of Light International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of families dealing with domestic violence.

"If my experiences can keep someone from being shot, keep someone from being in a domestic violence relationship or help a man realize 'hey I am going too far and I need help,' it was worth it" said Motley.