Woman says robbers held shotgun towards her & gun to her head

A South Fulton County neighborhood is on high alert after a woman said a robber held a gun to her head, while a second man held a shotgun.

Madaline Williams said she noticed a car make its way up to the corner of her house on Reel Lake Drive inside the Sandtown Center as she was getting home from work Wednesday night.

“As I was getting out of my car two young African-American males approached me, one with a shotgun, one with a handgun,” said Madaline Williams.  “The one with the handgun put it to my forehead and asked me for my wallet and snatched my purse.”

Williams said she had her wedding band, cash, credit cards and I.D. inside her purse.  Residents in the area said they are fed up because this is not the first time someone commits a crime in their neighborhood.

“This is a serious time and you know we are scared, this is right here, we live here,” said Pauline Hawthorne, who lives in the Sandtown Center neighborhood.

The HOA Board said they’ve dealt with break-ins, vandalism and stolen cars.  HOA board member, Ehize Lee said they’ve been taking steps to protect the neighborhood through their neighborhood watch, communicating with residents about security systems and other ways to protect themselves, along with meetings with the Fulton County Police Department.

“The response time has been a little delayed, I know they are working to get more people in the area to respond quicker, but some of the response times have been up to 20 minutes,” said board member, Ehize Lee.

Residents said they will look out for each other, but are hoping for 24-hour security and a gate so they do not continue to become victims of crime.

“Everybody should be able to come home peacefully without having to look over their shoulder,” said Williams.