Woman running from the law, runs into the law

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A Coweta County woman faces serious charges of both running from the law and actually running into the law during a high-speed chase.

Caitlin Brooke Payne, 20, was allegedly running from deputies when they said she ran into a patrol car that wasn't part of the pursuit. Fortunately, the deputy is okay, but his car took quite a hit. Looking at the mugshot of the driver who hit him, apparently, she did too.

The deputy's body camera records the impact, as well as the damage to his patrol car when investigators said Payne slammed into him at a high speed. Deputies said she was already running from the law after a family dispute. They said she stole a relative's car and took off.

At one point deputies clocked her at more than 100 miles an hour speeding down Interstate 85 northbound. After exiting the interstate, investigators said Payne was traveling on surface streets when her car struck the deputy.

Both cars sustained substantial damage. Investigators said Payne's mugshot shows a bruised and swollen face from the impact with the car's airbag.

She faces felony charges including fleeing from police, reckless driving and driving without a license.