Woman Robbed While Jogging in Broad Daylight

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A robber ambushed a woman jogging Tuesday morning, while plenty of people surrounding her were on their way to work and school.

"He was right up at me, pointed a gun at me, and asked me for my phone," said the jogger, who only wanted to be identified as Amanda.

She told Atlanta Police the man approached her around 7:30 a.m. on Glenwood Avenue. 

"At that particular moment, there were several cars going by, usually there's a bus going by at that time," she said.

The gunman demanded Amanda's phone and ordered her to walk the other way, before she went to a neighbor's house and called 911.

Officers were not able to locate the suspect.

Plenty of neighbors are concerned about the latest robbery in a neighborhood full of families, yet close to East Atlanta Village.

Atlanta Police have tackled a rash of nighttime robberies in East Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods over the past few weeks, and have stepped up undercover patrols to protect pedestrians. Officers said the robbers tend to target folks walking home or to their cars from the East Atlanta Village bars at night. 

Police cannot confirm if this robber could be connected to other incidents in the area. 

"I'll be honest. I'm scared to run in the morning again," Amanda said.