Woman found dead along trail, family hopes police can find killer

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Police in DeKalb County said the manhunt continues for the person who shot a 24-year-old Tucker High School graduate.

Shantrelle Monroe’s body was found by three high school students walking along a popular walking trail through the woods south of the Mainstreet subdivision near the 900 block of Lake Drive Court Wednesday afternoon. Investigators believe she was shot on the trail.

“It's very shocking like I said it was the middle of the afternoon and kids were walking through very shocking,” said Lt. Rod Bryant with the DeKalb County Police Department.

The Monroe family spoke with FOX 5’s Alexa Liacko Thursday. They told her they were in shock. They said Shantrelle was a beautiful and happy person. They have no clue why anyone would do something so terrible to her.

She was a star volleyball player and a natural athlete according to Shantrelle's mother.

The family said they're devastated and they're praying DeKalb County Police can catch the person responsible for Shantrelle's death.

The proximity to a playground and the neighborhoods is what have police doubling their efforts to find the killer.

“We think she was lured to the location. We don't think it's a random crime and we think it's gonna be possibly isolated,” said Lt. Bryant.

“It makes me real sad especially because it was such a young lady that someone did some harm to...that just ticks me off,” said neighbor Sherlund Lucke.

Investigators scoured the wooded area for hours into the evening Wednesday and resumed their canvass of the neighborhood Thursday during the daytime.

Residents said they won’t sleep well until the killer is behind bars.

“Something like that happens so close to you, it's not good, so it makes you scared but it also makes you more vigilant,” said Lucke.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me to cover her funeral expenses. If you'd loike to help them, click HERE. 

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