Woman fights off thieves at Buckhead gas station

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A thief targets a female motorist at a Buckhead gas station but he got more than he bargained for.

A businesswoman from out of state stopped at a chevron to gas up. As he back was turned, a young man slight in stature crouched down to avoid being spotted and slid into her car.

In an instant, the driver says, she moved on the thief getting back into her car after he initially locked her out.

Once inside, the motorist began punching that thief in the face. "I'm not sure why I did it other than I was angry," the motorist said in a phone interview.

A store surveillance tape shows punches being thrown inside the car but all those punches came from the driver.

Approximately 20 seconds later, the thief had had enough. He hurdled over the young woman and got out of the car.

While he did not get the vehicle -- a 2019 Maserati -- he fled with her designer handbag. And the drive is very upset about that. She said she purchased her Chanel one week ago.