Woman fights back against alleged Walmart 'peeper'

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Oconee County deputies arrested a Walmart employee on a felony "upskirt" charge for allegedly filming up a woman's skirt while she shopped in the store.

Jonathan Perez, 23, was booked into the Oconee County Jail and was released on a $10,000 bond.

The woman at the center of the incident told FOX 5 News she fought back against the man recording her.

"I noticed he knelt down behind me... and was scanning erratically... So I turned to him and said, 'You're taking pictures of me with your phone. Give me your phone!" said Ashley Camp, who was shopping with her daughter when she said Perez started following her.

"I grabbed the phone and started yelling for help," she said. Deputies seized Perez's phone and said they found the alleged recording of the incident.

Deputies would not say if Perez preyed on other women, but said any women who are concerned they were victimized are asked to call the Oconee County Sheriff's Office.

Walmart released the following statement to FOX 5:

"We value the well-being of everyone who shops with us and will not tolerate the actions described in these allegations. The associate in question will remain suspended as we continue working with law enforcement on their investigation."

Camp said she wanted to make sure Perez and others responsible for similar acts got a clear message: a woman should never be treated in a demeaning manner.

"I don't want anyone else to go through that violation of privacy," she said.