Woman devastated after food truck damaged in hit and run

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It was a hit and run involving a food truck. The owner says it happened in a lot where the truck was being stored. 

Danica Duclos says she dreamed of owning a food truck for the past decade.  She retired early and put all her money into building "Fire Truck Grills".  She bought an old RV and renovated it.  She had just secured a location and planned to have it up and running next month.  In the meantime, she stored the truck in a lot off Jonesboro Road. The truck was in its parking spot when someone backed into it destroying the front end. 

"To come here and see this, this is going to devastate me, because I used my entire retirement," said Duclos. 

The windshield is smashed out. The front of the truck is hanging by a hinge. The other driver didn't report it, didn't leave a note.  

The owner of the lot, Store My Truck, says it's clearly spelled out on the lease agreement that the owner is responsible for any damage. Duclos says she understands that, but she's angry because other tenants noticed the truck had been hit two weeks ago, and she says the management just called her yesterday. 

"That's two weeks worth of investigation that could have been done, other vehicles that did this could have still been parked here," said Duclos.

Duclos says she had planned on having the business up and running in December and going full speed ahead by the Superbowl, looking at her damaged truck she says now she doesn't know how that will be possible.