Woman arrested over McDonald's apple pie

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A craving for a McDonald's apple pie lands a woman in jail. It all happened under the Golden Arches on Highway 278 in Covington. 

The woman placed her order for the flaky dessert with the gooey, warm apple filling. She was told it would be a 5-minute wait. Employees told police the customer was angry because she expected to get the pie for free because she had to wait.  When the employees said no, the woman went into a rage. 

"Starts screaming and using profanity at the employee, aggressively walking toward her, punching her fist into her hand," said Covington Police Officer Justin Stott. 

Police showed up and arrested the customer, Ana Luisa Guity-Baltazar for disorderly conduct. 

The pie cost $1.06. Police say the tasty treat cost Guity-Baltazar so much more. 

"A dollar and six for an apple pie versus an 837 dollar disorderly conduct citation. Her car was towed too so you can stack a tow charge on top of that," said Officer Stott. 

Friends of the employees say the customer got her just deserts. 

"It's just crazy, over a dollar apple pie, I mean really? People have lost their minds, she needs to go to church and find Jesus," said Trey Terrell.