Wife and mother brutally beaten and held captive talks to FOX 5

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Weeks after a brutal attack that left her hospitalized, Prosper Uchitel bears little resemblance to the battered woman discovered near death in her Atlanta home last month.

“I may appear strong but everyone has emotion on the inside and I went through a lot. The doctors said I should have taken months to heal and I really, it restored my faith in God. Not that I didn't have a relationship with God before but it's a lot stronger now.”

Prosper's husband Aaron Uchitel is behind bars in the Fulton County Jail, charged in the vicious assault.

“Nobody deserves to go through this. Nobody deserves to wake up one day and realize their whole life has been turned upside down or taken on a different path than you expected it to or not wake up at all.”

Prosper, a newlywed and mother to a newborn son, has fought to recover, not only from physical trauma, but with the realization that a man she loved and trusted nearly killed her. Prosper cannot discuss details about the criminal case, but she speaks freely about the couple's relationship in the months leading up to the beating, including Aaron Uchitel's efforts she says to isolate her from her family and friends and his anger issues.

Charged with simple battery last November after fighting with Prosper, Aaron Uchitel was taking court ordered anger management classes when police said he attacked his wife.

In sharing her own traumatic experience, Prosper hopes to help other victims of domestic violence.

“I've been inspired by this more so than beaten down. I definitely have a little anger because nobody should deserve that and I’ve had a friend who recently went through the same thing and she was not given justice so I definitely want to do what I can for other women.”