Widow of man killed in deadly Forsyth County hit and run speaks

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José Ramírez Labra

Investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office are searching for a hit-and-run driver who left a victim to die on the side of a highway. His grieving widow is seeking justice and searching for answers in the death of her husband 27-year-old José Ramírez Labra.

It happened just north of the Cumming city limits on Dahlonega Highway. Flowers, mementos, and solar powered lights mark the spot where Labra was killed. His wife Annallely Salinas-Cruz told FOX 5 News she doesn’t understand why a hit-and-run driver would leave him on the side of the highway to die.

“You left me without a husband, with three children, he was special. I needed my husband, he was a wonderful father too,” she told FOX 5 News Edge Reporter George Franco in Spanish.

Deputies responded to where Ramírez-Labra was found dead around 3:45 Sunday morning. Less than 100 yards north of where he struck are markings where investigators said someone left the supposed hit-and-run vehicle behind. It’s a black and green Kawasaki Z-1000 motorcycle.

“He left the motorcycle abandoned on the side of the highway and took off. He didn’t have enough courage to help him, to call the police or an ambulance even,” said Salinas-Cruz.

She said they had gone to a party at a mobile home not far from the crime scene She said he opted to walk home instead of wait for someone to give him a ride when she left ahead of him.

“I left and they told me they were going to drive my husband home, I’m not sure why he became impatient and decided to walk,” said Salinas-Cruz.

But he never made it home and now investigators are checking area surveillance video to find the hit and run driver responsible for the death of this husband and father of three.

“I need justice for him please because it can’t be left like this, a person simply can’t leave someone like that on the side of a road,” said Salinas-Cruz.

Anyone with information on the fatal hit and run is asked to contact Corporal Phil Alexander with the Forsyth County Traffic Specialist Unit with the Sheriff’s Office at 770-781-3087.

Salinas - Cruz said her husband’s funeral is scheduled for next Friday.

Ramirez was a graduate of Forsyth Central High School.

The family set up a GoFundMe account to help with burial and other costs.

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