Why was a Levi's Call issued for the Clayton County twins?

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A Clayton County mother was still in jail late Wednesday evening accused of endangering the health of her premature twin sons. But some are saying there is much more to this story.

Police issued a Levi’s Call, Georgia’ Amber Alert system, for Ka'miyah Wilson and her two 14-month-old sons. Just after nightfall, by night fall she was arrested in DeKalb County, the children were not harmed.

Wilson's fiancé said she is a caring young mother who loves her children and shouldn’t be sitting in a jail cell just because she and her mother are not getting along.

“When I went to move her out her mother came out ranting and raving,” said Talonie Loftin El.

Loftin El said her premature twins were never in any kind of danger while in her care. He said Wilson moved out of the Riverdale apartment she lived in with her mother and the twins, just a few days ago.  He said the grandmother did not want her to leave and called Clayton County Police.

“And when the cops arrived, the cops said 'What's the problem?' The cops saw Ka'miyah's of age, she has her children, they wanted to see the children, they saw the children, the children were fine, and they said 'We don't see any problem here, ma'am' and they allowed us to leave,” said Loftin El.

Loftin El said the Levi's Call and the child cruelty warrants are bogus because Wilson has custody of her children and can take them anywhere she pleases. He said the claim that Ka'miyah did not have the equipment needed to take care of her special needs son was not true.

"The mother told authorities why they put out an amber alert that baby didn't have... the baby with special needs, didn't have oxygen or feeding tube. And as you can see, this is portable oxygen machine when you go out and take the babies out. And this indoor oxygen machine that runs off electricity and creates its own oxygen,” said Loftin El. “And the feeding tube, this one of the feeding mechanisms because the baby has a little hole right there in his stomach.”

He said all of this confusion is because Ka'miyah and her mother do not get along.

"I am hoping for the public to see the truth in what's going on because a lot of this is happening. And the children need to be with their mother number one,” said Loftin El.

The Clayton County Police Department, in a statement sent to FOX 5 News, said they issued Tuesday's alert because a feeding pump was left behind.

Both twins will are expected to be at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite for the next few days. They will be turned over to the custody of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.

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