Why many women in Atlanta are wearing black dresses this week

( Junior League of Atlanta, Inc. )

Women throughout Atlanta were wearing black this week. They were not in mourning, but rather raising awareness for generational poverty and helping to fight to end it.

The Little Black Dress Initiative fundraiser is one of the big events put on each year by the Junior League of Atlanta. The more than 70 of the organization's members vowed to wear the same black dress each day to prove a point on how woman’s access to resources and confidence can limit professional opportunities.

Many were also wearing “Ask Me About my dress” buttons to help start a conversation about it.

In their 5th year, the Junior League has set an ambitious goal of $95,000 by the end of this weekend. They were at $50,000 at the start of Thursday.

The Little Black Dress Initiative runs until Friday, but the program will continue to allow for donations.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so by going to https://lbdijla.causevox.com/.