Westland police crack down on drivers passing stopped school buses

Westland police are cracking down after drivers have been speeding around buses as they stop, putting the lives of children at risk.

Police say this all started after one parent was so fed up by the close calls at his bus stop while car after car sped by, breaking the law.

A video was posted on the Westland police Facebook page and got the attention of Sgt. Robert Wilke.

"He showed us that multiple vehicles were passing despite the school bus having red lights on," Wilke said.

So police set out to remind people of the law when it comes to school bus passing.

"On a four-lane road, you need to stop in both directions," Wilke said.

In other words when a buses lights are flashing red. Treat it like a red light.

To illustrate the issue, Wilke got behind the camera as officers were in position at the bus stop on Ford Road.

"There were six cars that passed by and I believe we were able to stop five of them," he said.

He took the footage, creating a public service announcement that is more like a reality show meets sting operation.

"I couldn't believe that one after another passed by the school bus. It was kind of sad to see," Wilke said.

He says if you don't stop for buses, it could cost you around $200 and points on your license.

"If we wanted to write more tickets we could run this thing every single day and not tell a soul about it," Wilke said. "But our goal is to tell everybody about it so that they see a bus stop with flashing red lights and they stop."