West Atlanta neighborhood asks city to remove loud road slabs

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The commute down Johnny Dobbs in Vine City can get a little noisy as you cross the metal slabs on the road.

The temporary slabs were placed there about 3 weeks ago, neighbors say, following a water main break.

In the weeks since the sound of cars and buses crossing the slabs has been enough to keep some neighbors up at night. Some neighbors telling FOX 5 it sounds like a 'thunderous boom' as buses cross at all hours.

Neighbors called FOX 5 News for help.

We reached out to Atlanta Watershed for an update on the repairs. A spokeswoman says the contractor has inspected the site and repairs do need to be made. A larger project is also happening across the street, adding to the construction time.

Atlanta Watershed tells FOX 5 they have requested a concrete crew visit the site as early as Wednesday, to make the repairs and hopefully remove the slabs.