Wedding videos stolen from San Francisco newlyweds during car break-in

A newlywed couple in San Francisco is asking for help in recovering wedding videos that were stolen during a car break-in.

Sarah Calvillo said that the videos are precious because they showed her husband Arel Minoza breaking dancing along with many of their friends. 

"At the reception, he changed into his break dancing clothes and started the party by break dancing,"  she said.

Calvillo said they met as students through dance clubs at UC Davis. Minoza also  danced professionally with the Golden State Warriors. 

Calvillo said she treasures all the videos of her husband dancing and the home videos of the wedding.

But what was stolen are videos of their wedding taken by her cousin, a professional photographer and videographer who traveled from Canada to help them capture the special day. . 
"Dance is a really big part of our lives so that's why those videos are very precious,"said Calvillo.  She said they were stolen the day after the wedding.

Police said her videographer was parked along the 400 block of North Point Street in San Francisco. 

The wedding and the theft took place over Memorial Day weekend. A police report was filed but so far no luck recovering what was stolen: a video camera and a silver-colored case with the two black ssd drives containing the wedding videos.  

She said it's been six months and she has pretty much given up hope.

"I have so many wonderful memories," she said. "I'm happy we have some photos and our family is good about sending us their home videos so I've had peace of mind with it, but..." 

She said the "but" came when a friend recovered her lost dog quickly after posting on Nextdoor so Calvillo posted about her stolen videos Monday.  She's hoping for what she  describes as a "long shot."  

"I've seen weirder things happen on the internet so I figured why don't I post something and see what happens," said Calvillo. 

She's hoping for a holiday miracle and is offering a $300 reward for the return of the videos.  

San Francisco police are asking anyone with information or the items to contact them. 

Information on the stolen items can also be emailed to: