Weather causes more school closings

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Weather has caused some school districts to shut down for the second day in a row. More than a dozen districts called off classes for Tuesday.

Cobb County is one of them. While most of the main roads have been treated and cleared, school officials say there is significant ice on the roads in the northern third of the county.

While Cobb DOT has been working around the clock since Friday, it's tough to battle temps that drop below freezing and turn any water on the road to ice. Cobb DOT says they had more than 400 calls just Monday about icy conditions.

Denise McBride, jokingly says she's ready to send her kids back to school, especially since they've just come off a long winter break.

“It's not good to have two 16 year olds hanging around the house, it's time for them to go back,” says McBride. Still she admits it's better to play it safe than to have a school bus hit an icy patch and slide off into a ditch.

By late Tuesday, 15 districts had canceled classes for Tuesday.

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