"We just won, and we won big:" Biden camp revived by South Carolina victory

Former Vice President Joe Biden relished in a pivotal moment in his run for the White House Saturday. An electrified crowd of several hundred cheered, as numerous networks called the South Carolina primary in his favor, just as polls closed – signifying a decisive win and reviving Biden's previously struggling campaign.

"Six days ago, the press and the pundits declared us dead," Biden said before a filled University of South Carolina volleyball stadium. "And now, thanks to all of you, the heart of the Democratic Party, we just won, and we won big," 

The former vice president found success for the first time, just days out from Super Tuesday when more than 1,300 delegates come into play. The development slowing front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders' momentum from the early contests.

"I’m not surprised that he won, but I think it gave us an extra bit of hope here in South Carolina," said Mandy Medlock, a Biden supporter.

The first-in-the-South primary is largely considered a litmus test for how candidates will fare across the African-American community, a standard echoed by Biden.

"This state holds in its hands, especially the state’s African-American community, the power to determine who the next nominee of the United States Democratic Party is going to be," Biden said on the eve of the primary.

But is the momentum enough to withstand new pressure from Mike Bloomberg? The billionaire is considered a fellow moderate, who will appear on the ballot for the first time next Tuesday.

"I've always had support from working-class folks, I've always had support from African Americans and Latinos, I've always had support from suburban women," Biden said in North Carolina on the morning of the election. "You can say anyone can cut in my base, anyone can take a piece of that."

While this was a crucial win for the Biden camp, the stakes are even higher next week. Biden took a moment to address those Super Tuesday voters in his victory speech, saying he is the best candidate to beat President Donald Trump.

Atlanta's Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms endorsed Biden last year. We will see if Georgia's voters echo South Carolina's sentiments for the former vice president when they head to the polls on March 24.