WATCH: Uber driver screams at woman who won't get out of his car

A woman uploaded video of an Uber driver screaming at her to get out of his car.

The woman apparently wanted to go to the emergency room of a hospital and wasn't being dropped off close enough to that location. As she calmly filmed the exchange, she asked the driver where they were.

"You are at the hospital!" the driver said. "Administration is right here."

"I'm going to the emergency room, sir," the woman said.

"Get in there! Get out of my car now," the driver said.

After about 3 minutes of back and forth that saw the exasperated driver start to call 911 and call the woman a "f-----g moron," a hospital employee finally came over.

"Can you get her out of my car, please?" the driver said, desperately.

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Warning: Video contains profanity