Troup County NAACP concerned over test scores, 'draconian' punishments of Black students

Members of the Troup County NAACP are renewing their call for Gov. Brian Kemp to launch an investigation into the Troup County School System. 

NAACP asked Gov. Brian Kemp earlier this year, during a press conference, to investigate what they call the "implosion of the Troup County School System," which reportedly resulted in the miseducation of Troup County children.

The NAACP says that the superintendent has had enough time to turn things around since they lodged their original complaints, which include concerns about low test scores in math and reading; "draconian" punishment of Black students; and usage of a contractor that reportedly overcharged the school district $15 million. 

Those calls were renewed during another press conference on Friday.

"To investigate what we believe to be the implosion of the Troup County School System," said Mike Meredith, president of the Troup County NAACP. 

NAACP officials claim the school district engages in disciplinary practices which negatively impact students of color.

"Our office is regularly called upon by Black parents to intervene in preventing the school system from ruining the lives of their children," Meredith said.

They also point to the district's low-test scores to support their demands for Superintendent Brian Shumate to resign. 

In a written statement Superintendent Shumate responded to the group's concerns saying the school system is committed to the education of all students and is on a path of continuous improvement.

"We are fully aware of lagging test scores for a number of years and are working diligently to improve in all areas," the Superintendent explained. "Since the pandemic ended, we have embarked on a rigorous academic improvement plan and recently concluded our 2023 GMAS assessments and the preliminary results are very promising. "

The final data on the latest testing will be released by the state in August.  Superintendent Shumate does expect the district will see improvement in most areas.  

Supt. Brian Shumate was appointed by Gov. Kemp. FOX 5 reached out to the Kemp's office for comment and are awaiting their response.