Watch: Hail flows like lava during severe thunderstorm in Nebraska

A wild hailstorm left a surreal scene in Nebraska where clumps of accumulating hail oozed across a Scottsbluff yard as if it were being covered by frozen lava.

A severe thunderstorm rolled across western Nebraska Thursday afternoon, bringing torrential rain, baseball-sized hail and hurricane-force wind gusts. Mitchell, Nebraska reported an incredible gust of 100 mph, and KNEB reported one of its broadcast towers collapsed in Terrytown, according to a National Weather Service storm report.


Still image taken from video showing strange "hail flow" from out of Nebraska.  (Chad Casey via Storyful)

But in Scottsbluff, it was the combination of large hail and heavy rain that made the lava-like flow.

Chad Casey’s video amassed over 300,000 views on X, prompting comparisons to "The Blob" from the 1958 horror film.

Storyful contributed to this report. 

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