WATCH: Adorable Baby Cries After Mom Finishes Reading Him a Book

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Courtesy of leesedanielle/YouTube

(WTXF)- This baby loves reading so much- he cries uncontrollably when the story is over.

YouTube user leesedanielle posted the viral video Monday, of a mother reading to her baby.

The baby, clad in a “The snuggle is real” t-shirt, appears to be excited by the book.

But once the story is over, the baby breaks into uncontrollable sobs.

“Do you want to read it again?” Mom asks. “Okay, let’s read it again.”

Once she begins to reread the book, the baby’s sobs immediately stop and he becomes re-entranced.

This continues multiple times throughout the video, indicating a pattern.

The baby has undoubtedly earned his title as “the saddest bookworm.”