Warrants: Mothers arrested for joining fight between teens

Cobb County police said three adults put themselves in the middle of a fight between two teen and ended up getting arrested.

It happened at a Shaw Park off Canton Road on May 16.

Police said one of the mothers Ramona Ann Thompson, allegedly held one of the teens to the ground while encouraging her daughter to attack. Police said Thompson also allowed her relative, Karreston Hill, to hit and cut the teen with a box cutter.

Student Dakota Walker has seen three different videos of the fight.

“It looked pretty bad from what I saw. The camera was moving a lot because people were trying to get out of the way,” the rising 9th grader said.

According to the arrest warrants, Thompson yelled “Stomp her! Beat her!” as she allegedly encouraged her own daughter to attack the 17-year old. The warrants state the teen victim suffered several cuts to her face and needed stitches.

A third woman, Shaqwana Veasley, also allegedly encouraged Thompson’s daughter to injure the other girl, according to the warrants.

The three suspects face several charges ranging from aggravated assault to disorderly conduct and inciting a riot and could face jail time.