Warrant amnesty program

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If you've ever gotten a traffic ticket and skipped your court date, now is the time to take care of that.  Atlanta is offering a warrant amnesty program to anyone facing arrest due to delinquent traffic tickets or other misdemeanor violations.

The program runs from April 1 thru May 13. It's open to anyone who got a ticket for a minor traffic offense or code violation prior to January 2015, and didn't show up for court.

“If you miss your court date, there's a warrant issued and that warrant could lead to arrest," says Municipal Court Administrator Ryan Shepard. The city is hoping over the 6-week period, thousands of cases will be cleared up.  "It's a strain on resources to go out and enforce warrants on things like traffic violations and minor ordinance offenses, so it's a big help for us," says Shepard.  It also helps those who have warrants against them.  

Reco Hart went before the judge Wednesday evening.  Hart lost his license in 1998, but continued to drive.  Over the years he received seven tickets for Driving Without a License.  Hart walked out of court a happy man.  "The judge dismissed the charges and everything so I'm able to go and get my license," says Hart.

Marcus Parker had five tickets dating back to 2008. "I was young, 21, I'm now 29. You get older, wiser. I'm getting my life together," says Parker. He's happy he'll finally be getting his license back.

Renisha Richarson was looking at a $500 fine.  The judge reduced her fine to $200 and dismissed the warrant. "I'm so happy to get this over with and behind me, I'm going to get me a car and go on with my life," says Richardson.

There are two court sessions every day during the week at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.. There's also a Saturday session on April 16th at 10 AM, and two night courts.  The first was April 6, there will be another April 20. To get more information, visit court.atlantaga.gov or call 404-954-7914.