Warehouses cause headaches for some South Fulton residents

Residents in the city of South Fulton said they are fed up with the noise from warehouses and distribution centers placed in their backyards.

"I’m prepared to do as the mayor anything I have to do to stop this," South Fulton Mayor William Edwards said.

Fed up doesn’t describe the Mayor of South Fulton William Edwards.

"I cannot be known as the mayor that put up warehouses because I didn’t do it," Edwards said.

Warehouses and distribution centers are popping up in the backyards of his South Fulton residents.

The issue is they are located in another jurisdiction in Union City.

"My citizens feel it’s their government that are putting the warehouses there. It’s not us. In the four years we have been a city we have only approved of five warehouses," Edwards said.

Drone video provided by the city of South Fulton shows just how close some of these huge sites are to the home.

Residents didn’t want to go on camera but shared with a reporter that the constant sounds of trucks are so loud it sometimes shakes and rattles their homes.

Others say it’s bringing down the property value.

"We are not against fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers. Our city is not against that. We just simply say there’s a right place to put it," Edwards said.

Edwards said he sat down recently with Union City’s mayor.

"They have changed their zoning ordinances to put in barriers and other things. I said I will have my people look at the zoning ordinances you had," Edwards said.

Edwards hopes the two neighboring cities will be able to move forward in harmony but said he won’t stop fighting.

"The damage in the most part has been done. There’s no way to take that building and move it someplace else," Edwards said.

The Mayor of Union City, Vince Williams, sent this statement:

"Union City has always followed all prescribed zoning and land use policies in relation to economic development within our city limits.  It is extremely important to respect the rights of "all" property owners to include developed as well as undeveloped property.  Healthy cities provide jobs across the spectrum for citizens to include commercial, food service, retail, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and other areas. Residents of our city and adjacent cities are employed in these businesses, which help to support their families and we all know how critical that is in all times, particularly in this pandemic when so many have lost jobs.  We have been and are always willing to engage in civil conversation with our neighbors about concerns and to work together in a spirit of neighborly cooperation. An example of this is how our city supported the City of South Fulton when, as a new city they needed a place to hold Municipal Court.  We welcome healthy dialogue between elected officials and appointed staff on any matter conducted within a spirit of professionalism and mutual respect."

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