Walton County Sheriff's Office Losing Military Gear

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It's a direct order from the president to the nation's law enforcement agencies; send back surplus military gear deemed inappropriate for police work.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman is not happy about it because his department has an armored personnel carrier which is going back to Uncle Sam.

He is quick to correct any misconception about the armored personnel carrier he obtained as surplus military gear a few years ago. He said it's not a tank; it's an armored personnel carrier with no guns on it meant to protect people.

In April 2012, the sheriff's office used the vehicle to subdue an armed suspect when Loganville Police requested their help. The Special Response team gained entry after a day long standoff with dozens of shots fired. The suspect was killed. No deputies or civilians were injured. One sargeant involved told FOX 5 News the armored personnel carrier stopped high powered bullets which would have easily pierced patrol cars.

The personnel carrier however is headed back to Uncle Sam, deemed inappropriate for law enforcement by a direct order of President Obama. The executive decision followed concerns of the militarization of the nation's police agencies after law enforcement's response in Ferguson Missouri.

Sheriff Chapman said losing the armored personnel carrier could carry its own dangers because it leaves his agency with fewer options when it comes to dangerous situations.

Sheriff Chapman said his department must dismantle add-ons like a ramming rod before sending the now obsolete Viet Nam era carrier back to the government by April of next year.