Georgia man vanishes while on Louisiana business trip

Family and friends are holding out hope a 42-year-old Covington man will be found soon. Nathan Millard went on a business trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana last week and seemingly vanished.

Matt Still has known Millard since middle school. Still is trying to do everything he can to get the word out about his friend's disappearance.

"Bring awareness to the situation, get his name and face out there, and hopefully we can find him," said Still.

Still says Nathan was with a client Wednesday evening.

"They went to an LSU basketball game then to a bar called Happy's in downtown Baton Rouge. His hotel from Happy's is only 500 feet away, it is one block, I've mapped it out on Google," said Still.

When Nathan did not show up for a meeting with the client the next day, they checked his hotel room, but there was no sign of Nathan.

"His stuff was still there, his bed was made, so he hadn't slept in it," said Still.

Still has been closely following all developments in this investigation. He says Nathan's phone was found four blocks from the hotel.

"His credit card was used at least twice, once I believe it was an ATM. I've heard there's video of a man using it and it isn't Nathan. The second time was at a Greyhound station. Also, his wallet clip was found with his American Express, but no ID," said Still.

Nathan has two sons, two stepchildren and a seven-year-old daughter. Still has been in contact with Nathan's family and says they are overcome with worry.

"They're heartbroken and mentally drained. Just not knowing where Nathan is and what happened to him. I mean we're going on a week now, a week that he left to go to Baton Rouge," said Still.