Walmart worker, WWII veteran turns 103-years-old

A World War II veteran and Walmart worker is celebrating his 103rd birthday!

Proving you’re never too old to hold down a job, Walmart’s oldest employee turned 103-years-old.

Loren Wade has been working at Walmart for more than 20 years and says he plans to keep working for as long as the company will have him.

The veteran currently works as a sales associate in the store’s lawn and garden center.

He credits the job for keeping him active and healthy.

“The company seems to like me and I appreciate it so much if they still let me work. They are so good to me. It's a great company,” said Wade.

Wade said working beats sitting at home doing nothing. Although Walmart can’t confirm it, they believe he is likely the oldest person working at its stores worldwide.

Wade was already recognized as being the oldest worker in Kansas.