Walmart investigating Arlington fight

Cell phone video of a fight at an Arlington Walmart is now the subject of a store investigation.

The video was posted online.

In it, two women who are customers at an Arlington Walmart go to blows. While a store employee records video, a manager tries to break it up.

Mike Barnes is the employee who recorded the melee with his cell phone. He started rolling several minutes earlier, when he observed one of the women inside the store allegedly shoplifting.

When she couldn’t produce a receipt for items she was leaving with, words were exchanged.

“People just like videos,” said Barnes. “It's a new generation. You know, the media’s what’s going on. That's why I posted it. I was like, ‘A lot of things go on; might as well show what's going on in Arlington.’”

On Facebook, the video of the parking lot brawl has been shared more than 3,000 times.

FOX 4 asked Walmart for comment. The company told us "We are conducting an internal investigation into this matter at this time and will take disciplinary action as appropriate."

The police were never called regarding the shoplifting attempt or the fight that followed outside.

"They didn't think it was bad enough,” said Barnes. “She got back up, she got in her car and then when I turned back around, everybody was cleaned up. You know, I walked away from the whole fight. Right when I turned back around it seemed like everybody was gone, like nothing ever happened.”

It’s unclear if the women fighting knew each other or not.

Barnes said on Thursday that he’s resigned from his position at Walmart.