Walker enlists Kemp's help winning split-ticket voters, Warnock says he’s ready to ‘do it again’

With a week before early voting begins in some counties, the two candidates fighting for a win in Georgia’s senate runoff hit the ground running Saturday.

For the first time, Gov. Brian Kemp joined Republican Herschel Walker on stage.

Kemp handily won his race against Stacey Abrams on Nov. 8, while roughly 200,000 people who voted for him did not vote for Walker.

That margin was more than enough to send the senate race into a runoff.

"After the general election, we were down a little bit but then in came Herschel Walker," Kemp told a crowd gathered in front of the world’s largest gun store in Smyrna.

He called for a shotgun start to a condensed campaign cycle.

"We don’t have many days left. Take advantage of every single one of them."

Walker, whom Kemp called his friend, had not publicly appeared with the governor on the campaign trail up until Saturday’s rally.

Both told the crowd that a vote for Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock was a vote for the Biden agenda.

"He’s asking for six more years?" Walker asked of Warnock. "Can we put up with that? No we can’t. No we can’t."

Meanwhile, Sen. Warnock appeared outside the Democratic Party’s North Fulton headquarters in Sandy Springs, rallying supporters who were about to go canvass.

"Now that we are in this runoff election, it is really about the ground game," Warnock told the crowd. "It’s about showing up."

Speaking to reporters, Warnock took a victory lap on a judge’s ruling yesterday, which allows early voting on Nov. 26.

Campaign staff said that Warnock was then headed to rally voters in Lilburn, Cumming, and Woodstock following the canvass kickoff.

They also just announced that the Dave Matthews Band will play a concert in support of Warnock next Monday.

But Warnock told FOX 5’s Rob DiRienzo that the ticket to re-election is appealing to those split-ticket voters who aren’t necessarily Democrats.

"I think the voters affirmed that," Warnock said. "Georgia has traditionally been a split ticket stay in here. Yet they showed up for me in remarkable ways a couple of Tuesdays ago, and I think the people of Georgia are going to do it again."

Voters can verify their eligibility to vote in the runoff on the Secretary of State's My Voter page.