Wake For Warriors has military veterans surfing the waves in Lake Allatoona

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Some true heroes are spending the weekend on Lake Allatoona. Soldiers with PTSD or physical disabilities are getting the chance to achieve new goals thanks to Wake For Warriors.

From sun up to sun down, military veterans spent their days riding the waves behind a boat, doing something they thought they’d never again be able to do.

“It’s killer, I've always been on the water as a kid and then when I thought I wouldn’t be able to,” said US Marine Sgt. Tim Conner.

Wake For Warriors makes it possible for injured military veterans using adaptive boards, training and encouragement.

“There’s always a way, I had to wait to figure it out, and Wake For Warriors had a way and they put me behind a boat. You can’t stop cheesing, biggest grin. Makes you feel good all the way through,” said Conner.

The veterans fought for our freedom and paid a price that forever changed their lives, this is their chance to feel free, feel the water in their face, the adrenalin rush.

“You can go as hard as you want to or as easy as you want to, you can get out there and ride and relax or do crazy and pull off some awesome tricks,” said Doug Hill who was a petty officer 3rd class with the Navy.

Levi Dills with Wake For Warriors says many start the weekend a little hesitant, but quickly embrace it.

“They come in a little skittish and nervous and by the end of the weekend they’re saying ‘dude’ and ‘bro’ and all they can think about is being behind a boat and catching a wave,” said Dills.

Wake For Warriors was started by Dave Deep seven years ago. He's an avid water sports enthusiast, airline pilot and reservist for the US Marines. The organization holds events across the country. The organization pays all the expenses for the veterans to participate in a weekend on the lake.

To find out more check out their website, wakeforwarriors.org.