Wacky excuses people use to get out of jury duty

Jury duty is a civic responsibility, but that does not mean that some people won't go to extreme lengths to avoid serving.

In fact, according to an article in The New York Post, people will say some pretty wacky things to ensure that they are not selected for jury duty.

Some of the most amusing excuses include one potential juror claiming that one of the attorneys picked her up at a bar five years ago.

Another claimed that they are not from Earth and their planet does not believe in the jury system.

One possible juror said that they do not believe in the law, while one woman simply fell asleep during the selection process.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said he heard some whoppers during his years working in the legal system, but he found that most Americans actually wanted to serve and do their duty.

"You do hear some crazy stuff," Johnson admitted.

"'I can't be fair. There's no way I can be fair, ever,'" Johnson recalled one person saying.

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