Vulgar vandal targets churches in north Cobb County

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Cobb County Police are on the lookout for a vandal who has defaced at least four churches in the Acworth and Kennesaw areas.

Surveillance cameras have captured the tagger in action spray-painting vulgar and obscene language, even satanic symbols on the houses of worship.

"What we have is an individual, and we do have photographs and some video of this individual actually spray-painting offensive things on churches, derogatory towards certain people," Sgt. Wayne Delk revealed.

Cobb County Police don't know what the man’s motivation is. They said he also has spray-painted vulgar language at Noonday Baptist in Marietta, Northstar Church, and Church of Christ North in Kennesaw as well as the Wildwood Baptist in Acworth.

In some instances, the man singled out church members by name with his vulgarity.

Cobb County Police hope the public will help them solve these disturbing cases