Viral video sparks controversy over Athens arrest

A video has been shared more than 1,000 times on Twitter showing an arrest in Athens. The video shows three officers placing a man under arrest. One of the officers used a Taser on the man while he was pinned down on the ground.

"Because he was on the ground, and they shot him with that Taser, he was not being treated like a full and equal citizen of Athens I think," said Mariah Parker, Athens-Clarke County Commissioner.

Parker believes there needs to be a change in law enforcement use of force. She believes the commission can be a part of that change.

"It is absolutely necessary, I believe, that we invest in an alternative to bring in experts who have training in social work, who have training in mental health, who have training specifically in de-escalation," said Parker.

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According to the incident report, Athens-Clarke County police officers responded to the Centro Bar twice on Tuesday. The reports detail the first time 20-year-old London Best was kicked out of the establishment. Officers responded to the same location again when he returned. While placing him under arrest for disorderly conduct, officers said Best pulled away. The officer then grabbed his upper body and swept him to the ground. After he was on the ground, that's when the officer said he heard another officer use the Taser.

Parker believes the use of force will continue until there's a change.

"Imagine for example if somebody's primary training was in crisis intervention and de-escalation without any of this warrior mentality that so many of our police officers embody," said Parker.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department said this incident like all of their use of force cases is under investigation.

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