Viral: Handsome Father and Son Selfie Taken at Lenox Square

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Twitter: @ _King_Rell_

A Maryland man and his father take pictures together all the time, but a recent selfie taken in Atlanta has gone viral.

That’s because they look like brothers!

Correll Stanfield and his dad, Billy Stanfield, sat down with our sister station WTTG in DC and talked about the now-famous photo taken during a shopping trip earlier this month.

At his dad’s request, the 20-year-old posed for a picture with his 46-year-old father while trying on a shirt. Correll told us they were at Lenox Square Mall. Then, he posted the picture on social media.

"When I posted it, it was almost instantly. I had to cut my phone off. It made my battery die. I had to turn the notifications off on my phone," Correll told Good Day DC earlier this week.

The picture has more than 18,000 retweets and 24,000 favorites on Twitter.



"I have a good relationship with him, so we just took a picture, and I never thought in a million years that it would go viral the way it has," said Stanfield.

After the photo went viral, many people who saw it responded with speculation about which man they would rather date.

Correll told Good Day DC that he is single, but his dad is happily married.