Cautionary tale: Duluth police release video showing top-heavy tractor-trailer overturning

The Duluth Police Department is warning tractor-trailer drivers to be careful about how they stack their load and how they drive on the city’s streets.

Police released a video showing the end results of a top-heavy tractor-trailer trying to turn at a busy intersection.

It happened Friday evening at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and N. Berkeley Lake Road NW. The video shows the tractor-trailer that was hauling scrap metal making a wide turn from the northbound lanes of Pleasant Hill onto the westbound lanes of Berkeley Lake.

As the tractor-trailer rounded the corner, it could already be seen tipping to one side. As the truck straightened onto Berkeley Lake, the trailer fails to go back upright and instead, turns on its side eventually causing the cab to also turn on its side.

Crushed cars, machinery, and other scrap metal cascaded onto the roadway from the trailer.

The driver was issued two city citations and five violations by the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Police said no one was injured.

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