Video: Thieves stealing lawn crew's equipment

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is looking for a pair of thieves who are targeting lawn trucks. They've struck twice already, getting thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The Sheriff's Office says they've also stolen from trucks in Smyrna and Hiram. One of the victims just happens to be a Douglas County firefighter working two jobs.

"I try to park close to the showroom, where we can be on camera, one way in and out," said CJ Zachmeyer.

But even that didn't protect, Zachmeyer from thieves. While CJ was cutting the grass, two thieves snuck in his truck stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment. He's not alone. Another lawn service company got hit, while cutting grass at a storage unit.

Surveillance video from the location shows the suspects pull up, and jump the fence.The guy is off camera for a moment but when he reappears look what's in his hands.

"We would really like to catch these guys," said Sgt Jessie Hambrick.

Sgt Hambrick says the pair strike in broad daylight. And in the case of the storage unit, people passed right by them. In the storage unit case, the guys even came back a second time to load up more equipment. In CJ's case, he had no idea until he returned to his truck.

"These are hardworking people that are sometimes working 5, 6, 7 days a week. In the case of Mr. Zachmeyer, he works a full-time job, then is working another full-time job on top of it so the theft of 600, 1000, 1200 dollar piece of equipment that's a huge hit," said Sgt Hambrick.

"My first thought is, I know obviously, they're not going to work with it, so why do they want a working man's tools. It's obvious they just want to pawn it," said Zachmeyer.

The Sheriff's Office has good video of the suspects, and points out one of them has an aircast on his right foot. If you know who these men are call police.