VIDEO: Sicily's Mount Etna erupts producing a spectacular show

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Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy continues erupting on Wednesday with fountains of lava. The scene produced a spectacular show, including the above drone video. The lava began around 7 p.m .on Monday.

The eruption took place at the south-east crater, and authorities say it currently does not present a danger to people or property. A nearby Catania airport was not affected and is fully operational.

Mount Etna is 10,926 feet tall and is the continent's most active volcano. It's craters are a major tourist attraction in Sicily. Etna is believed to have the longest written record of eruptions. The volcano's first recorded observation was in 425 B.C.

The last time the lava flow endangered nearby villages was in 1992. The town of Zafferana was in danger, but the flow stopped 2,788 feet away from the town.

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