VIDEO: Motorcyclist Pulls Gun on Driver

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An out of control motorcyclist was caught on camera in Coweta County. Dash cam video captures the rider pointing a gun at a driver behind him.

It all happened this past Sunday near the Fayette County line. The man who recorded it all said it was a crazy case of road rage.

The video shows the witness, who had his dash cam rolling, cruising in the right hand lane. Then, all of a sudden, a motorcyclist pulls up in the left lane, speeds up, turns around, and points a gun at the black car behind him. The witness then slows down and follows the motorcycle.

We're told he called 911 and reported the incident. A short time later, deputies came to the scene to talk to the rider, however the motorcyclist wasn't arrested.

FOX 5 News has since learned deputies will present the case to the district attorney to consider a possible reckless conduct charge.